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About the Pemberton CRC
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The Pemberton CRC is a not-for-profit, community managed organisation servicing the regional community of Pemberton and the surrounding area.  The CRC is part of a network of nearly 100 CRCs located in small rural towns in WA.

“A sustainable and resilient community.”

Mission Statement
‘To support and build the capacity and potential of the Pemberton community by:
1.    Providing access to information, education, employment, training and business enterprise options.
2.    Connecting people so that they can share information and skills in a central location that benefits all.’

Office Administration

Gaye ODonnell.jpg

Gaye Van Hazendonk


"I'm the boss. Yeah, that's right I'm the boss!"

Hours:   Tues – Thurs

Pei Chen Ho.jpg

Pei-Chen Ho

Office Administration


Super helpful -
super human!

Hours:   Mon – Fri


Vivian Cheung



Can do anything, with her can-do attitude.

Hours:   Mon, Thurs & Fri

John Sebire


Paul Nolan
Committee Member

Julie Seet

Committee Member

Jim Craigie

Vice Chairperson

Sondra Reader-Grant

Committee Member

Chuen Seet

Committee Member

Rebekah Lothian


Rose Craigie

Committee Member

Kelly Cabassi


Cathy Osbourne

Committee Member

Our management committee

Regional Traineeship Program

The Pemberton CRC through The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) offers The Regional Traineeship Program. This program assists trainee applicants by providing training, skills and employment opportunities to encourage people to stay and work in their local regional community.  The traineeship is a vocational education pathway that is focused on the development of skills and knowledge that is based on business and industry needs.

Our CRC Trainees undertake study in our workplace in conjunction with their work duties. They have their qualifications paid for and their studies are managed by a separate training organisation. Study is estimated to take up 25% of a trainee’s time in the workplace with the remainder being work based training, supported by CRC staff.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) recognises the value of this traineeship program within Western Australia and the economic and social benefits of providing skills and employment to encourage people to stay and work in their local community.

DPIRD logo.png

Regional Traineeship Program Participants


Zoe Roberts 

Rachel Courtney Butcher 

Kiara Jane Bendotti

Nicola Heather Jane Sheldrick

Ashley Mathew Szylejko

Kelly Thomson

Celeste Christie Du Toit 

Alexander Graf 

Vivian Cheung


Certificate III in Business 

Certificate III in Business 

Certificate III in Business

Certificate III in Business 

Certificate III in Business 

Certificate III in Business 

Certificate III in Tourism 

Certificate IV in Business 

Certificate III in Business

Year completed











Established in 1995, the Pemberton CRC was the thirteenth Telecentre to be opened in Western Australia.  It is situated on Pemberton’s main street sharing the town's historic former school building with the Pemberton Visitors Centre.

The Pemberton CRC has been in operation for 20 years and during this time has built on its services and programmes to meet the needs of the local community.  Strong partnerships have been established with the Shire of Manjimup, Pemberton Visitor Centre, Chamber of Commerce, local arts groups, schools, businesses and other community groups.

Background to the Pemberton CRC

Background to the WA Community Resource Network

Our Industry
The WA Community Resource Network (“WACRN”) builds on one of Western Australia’s longest running and most successful regional community service programmes, the Telecentre programme.

The Pemberton CRC is part of a network of nearly 100 CRCs across WA.  These CRCs work in partnership with their communities to provide access and services according to local need.  CRCs are friendly, locally owned and operated centres that provide regional communities and their visitors with local access to technology, information and services.  The vision for the network is to help communities pursue the futures they choose and to act as a catalyst for resilience, change and strong partnerships.

Relationship to State Government
The CRC is accountable to the Department of Regional Development (DRD) for part of its funding.  The CRC network resides within the Division for the Community Resource Centre Network.

Royalties for Regions Scheme
The State Government has allocated $40 million over four years to the Royalties for Regions Scheme.  The CRC Network has been provided with increased operational funding to assist the State Government achieve some of the objectives specified in the Royalties for Regions Scheme.

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